5 Things You May Not Know About DealsPlus… But Should!


DealsPlus, founded in 2006, is not new to the affiliate world but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be on your radar. In fact, all the more reason to keep an eye out for them as they are constantly and consistently adding new and exciting features. You may already be partnered with them… but here are five things you may not know about DealsPlus.

Growing Web Traffic & Site-to-Store Demand

An impressive 56% of traffic to DealsPlus comes from a mobile device—that is a 14% YOY increase, and that number is rising! There is also a growing demand for online-to-offline offers and keywords “printable coupons” are the highest ranked search terms on the DealsPlus site!
To Do: Be sure to get your Site-to-Store offers to DealsPlus!

Increased Social Media Following

DealsPlus has over 7 million monthly visitors to their website, including 4.3 million registered users that share close to 3 million deals and coupons a year across the site.

Their following on social media is no joke either, with 220K Twitter followers and over 500K Facebook followers.

DealsPlus Blog Success

In early 2016, DealsPlus revamped their blog, expanding it to include a variety of topics such as Lifestyle, Retail News, Shopping Tips, Finance, and many more. The blog allows DealsPlus the opportunity to provide brands—both small and large—strategic…

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