We Thank You This Holiday Season!

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We Thank You This Holiday Season! Posted on Nov 28 by Brittany Christopher in Blog

With the holidays on the horizon, we would like to take a moment to push pause on our busy schedules and thank our clients for entrusting us with their business each year. Since its inception, CAKE has been fueled by our customer’s creativity, experience and knowledge, which serves as the basis for our passion to continue innovating with one goal in mind: to provide CAKE clients with industry leading technology coupled with superior customer support. Thank you to our clients that have been with CAKE since the very beginning, we appreciate your continued support and value your feedback. To our new clients, thank you for selecting CAKE to power your business, we are grateful for the opportunity to be your software provider of choice.

With a new year just a little over a month away, it is important for our team to reflect on the past year to look for opportunities in which we as a company can learn from in addition to those opportunities we can celebrate along the way. Since CAKE launched in 2010, the pillar of our success was built upon the happiness of our clients. With minimal marketing dollars spent in the first few years after launching, CAKE escalated to new heights solely due to the organic word of mouth from our clients. Since then it has been our mission to continue down the path of offering high-touch customer service. This

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