UPDATE: Walmart and Target Black Friday & Cyber Monday PPC battle

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And the final results are in. Who won the Black Friday/Cyber Monday battle? 

Each year we study how major PPC advertisers prepare for Black Friday. We trend our PPC market share data by day for keywords related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals.

This year, more than any previous, online shopping saw enormous growth during the Black Friday weekend. According to the National Retail Federation, 3 million fewer people visited stores than the same weekend last year, while 5.5 million more said they shopped online. That shift is partly due to brick-and-mortar retailers offering their in-store deals online, and partly due to the rise of Amazon.

This year, we looked at the age-old battle between retail giants Walmart and Target. We looked specifically at keywords surrounding: black friday, black friday coupons, black friday coupon codes, black friday deals, black friday sales, cyber monday, cyber monday coupons, cyber monday coupon codes, cyber monday deals, cyber monday sales.

Here’s what we learned:

Black Friday PPC Market Share: Target vs. Walmart

What this metric reveals: The Search Monitor’s PPC Market Share data expresses the likelihood of an advertiser getting a click for a given keyword or keyword set, given their rank and frequency.

When we last checked in on the battle, things were pretty close, with Target beginning to take the lead. Looking at the most recent weeks, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday themselves, Target was the clear winner. Target’s PPC market share for these important Black Friday keywords

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