Q4 Thoughts: Market with Your Heart & Wallet

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Marketers get excited in Q4 about big days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the last shipping days. Everyone is posting deals as fast as they can. However, for most consumers the holidays are a sentimental time when they are thinking as much with their hearts as their pocketbooks. Consider these tips when promoting.

Show How Products Can Be Used

Connect products with people. Instead of just pushing a picture frame that is on sale, give the customers 5 ways they can use that frame during the holidays. If you sell gift cards, make a list of the people you might want to surprise with a gift card at the end of the year. Create stories around the products that make people envision what they would do with them.

Help Solve Problems

Stress levels go through the roof during the holidays. Everyone is trying to do more with less. Get to the heart of what your customers are trying to solve. Focus on problems like where they need to get something shipped or who they need to buy something for. Give them all the information to make their decision quickly and with trust that you are not just selling to them but trying to help them.

Be Personal Yourself

Let your own personality shine through to your customers. Retailers can post pictures of their employees wrapping presents for kids or working at a foodbank. Bloggers can write about their own holiday traditions. Showing the people

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