Q4 Thoughts – Educate About Your Customer Base

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  “Nothing is more important to us than educating partners on how to reach our consumer, and then how to convert them into a sale.” Gymshark

Brands know their products and their target audience the best, so why not relay that information to your affiliate base? There are numerous ways to keep in contact with your affiliates and to help them learn how to market your brand the best. Your tips and suggestions can go far! Here are just a couple methods to easily communicate & educate.

Educate within Newsletters

Consider adding a “Weekly Tip” or “Monthly Tip” to your newsletters. Provide information on products that are best sellers or upcoming, seasonal products that are predicted to be popular. Give a statistic about an anonymous blogger who did well and explain what they did. Let affiliates know when you’ve updated your datafeed or if you have any special deals.

Keep Creatives Up-to-Date

Providing seasonal and relevant creatives can go a long way. Are you taking advantage of big shopping days for your brand? These days go beyond just Q4. For example, if your products are good for moms, be sure to provide “Mother’s Day” specific creatives. There is a lot of control in the types of creatives in your account. By keeping your account up-to-date, affiliates will be more likely to use what you provide and therefore, market your brand in the way that you want.

Engage One-on-One

It is

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