Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Hesitate Joining an Affiliate Program

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28 Mar Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Hesitate Joining an Affiliate Program

When reaching out to a lot of content publishers (bloggers), many show hesitations when it comes to affiliate for a multitude of reasons. Some have tried it before and have not seen the ROI they were expecting, others simply don’t know much about it, and some have this perception of “shady” affiliate marketing, possibly based on horror stories or disbelief at how much money you can really earn. It can be hard to cut through the clutter and be trusted as a credible resource, to go beyond our clients and show bloggers we are there to help them increase site monetization, not just satisfy our clients goals. At the end of the day, affiliate marketing is exactly this: a partnership, across all parties involved.

Once a blogger is educated in affiliate marketing and understands the best practices, strategies, and components involved, it truly is a fantastic way to build your business, help your audience discover new ideas or products, and build strong partnerships with brands that you believe in.

Here are my top three reasons why bloggers should not hesitate joining an affiliate program:

Affiliate marketing is a long-term, passive, organic way to earn money

Affiliate marketing is truly an incredible way to complement your existing monetization strategies for your blog. When it comes to business, one of the main goals is to earn money to keep that business evolving in order to meet its goals. Joining one (or

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