10 Tips To Expand Your Marketing Strategy Globally

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12 Jul 10 Tips To Expand Your Marketing Strategy Globally Posted at 05:33h in Business by

As the digital age brings businesses and consumers closer together, many small to mid-sized companies have been left with the question of what to do about their international audience.  Many never started with the intention of selling globally but soon realize that a growing portion of their online visitors, and possibly their paying customer base, come from outside of their geographic location.   Whether it’s a software company or an online clothing retailer, the challenge is often the same – to understand whether international growth can be a feasible component of the company’s strategic plan.  If so, a major part of the marketing team’s role would be to determine how they can utilize a range of multi-channels tools and marketing programs to grow international audiences and support business objectives.

For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to assume that we’re talking about a company that has already done the market & competitor research to determine the opportunity in specific international markets.  Given that this hypothetical company is set on moving forward, they’d need to ensure they are set-up properly to be successful, working through a strategic planning process designed to lay-out a clear executional roadmap to implement test campaigns, learn from them and continue to refine the approach.

The following list of 10 Tips To Expand Your Marketing Strategy Globally comes from personal experience and is in no way, an exhaustive playbook

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