5 tips to help brands monitor online resellers

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The Search Monitor’s ad monitoring platform helps retail brands keep close tabs on their resellers. Since we launched the service, we’ve uncovered many creative tactics used by resellers to boost sales at the sake of their brands.

We assembled a list of five tips for monitoring resellers on sites like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. Our full article appears on InternetRetailer.com. We’ve summarized these tips below.

Tip #1: Protect Your Trademarks: Make sure you monitor search engines, landing pages, and other reseller sites at least weekly for these violations.  Further, monitor the sneaky places where violations can occur, such as mobile sites and remarketing ads.

Tip #2: Identify Resellers Selling Below MAP: Don’t rely on other resellers to tattle-tale on MAP-breakers on your behalf. Take the reins and monitor yourself, and contact the MAP-breakers ASAP to adjust their prices. Take more serious actions with repeat offenders.

Tip #3: Identify Unauthorized Resellers: mazon is the first place to start due to the sheer number of resellers on the network. Check often—daily during high-volume periods—and contact them with time-stamped screenshots of their misdeeds. Proof helps a lot. In some cases, try working directly with the websites to have unauthorized resellers removed.

Tip #4: Identify Amazon Resellers Selling Counterfeit Goods: Brands need to learn about the new brand-gating program ASAP and communicate the implications to their resellers. The size of their reseller network could deteriorate quickly without this effort.

Tip #5: Measure Your Resellers’ Search Visibility: Smart manufacturers have learned that they need to

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