Publisher Stories: Affordable homeware affiliate has big plans for 2017

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Starting with 250 products on site to a range now spanning over 4,000, homeware publisher Absolute Home is growing in the affiliate space. We speak to Bitu Williams who explains this growth, what this means going into 2017 and how homeware advertisers can benefit on a global scale.

Tell us a little more about Absolute Home and how it works?

Absolute Home is an affordable designer furniture website, which seeks to link customers to great quality furniture and homeware via an easy to use website. Absolute Home’s only source of revenue is the affiliate channel. I have also branched out into featured womenswear and menswear that I know are converters with my target audience. Having said that, I only knew who my target audience was when I explored my Analytics data to determine sex, age and interests, along with items they clicked through. The site is run by myself and it is an additional job to my current full time employment.

When did you first begin to explore the affiliate channel and how do you think Absolute Home benefits from using it?

When I took the website over in February 2015 it was a concept site only and had about 250 products from 1 publisher. It now has 4,060 products all of which are manually added (in the evenings and quite often on a sunny holiday), with descriptions and images.

The site was very basic, with only 10 total categories, I have now created about 93 categories

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