How Planet Fitness won the New Year’s gym membership search battle

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It’s January—time to get to the gym.

At least that’s what leading gyms and fitness clubs hope you’ll be doing. To start the year, we wanted to study the strategies of PPC advertisers around the common New Years resolution of joining a gym. We trended our PPC market share data and Search Marketing Visibility Scores for the keywords “fitness centers”, “fitness clubs”, and “gym memberships” to see who came out on top.

Gym Membership Market Share

What this metric reveals: The Search Monitor’s SEM Market Share data expresses the likelihood of an advertiser getting a click for a given keyword or keyword set, given their rank and frequency.

Here’s what we found:

Highlights: Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness maintained the market share lead over the two weeks leading up to the new year, with close to 80% market share several days during the time period monitored. It’s interesting to see the sharp drop off on January 2nd. We will be curious to check back in to see if that trend continues. 24 Hour Fitness: Held a consistent market share throughout the time period monitored. Does this mean 24 Hour Fitness did not change their strategy leading up to the new year?  Anytime Fitness: Anytime Fitness had the lowest market share in our comparison, which is interesting considering their visibility score over the two week time period monitored (see below). But, you’ll see their share did jump to match that of 24 Hour Fitness the day after New Year’s. Could

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