Forensiq help Affise tackle fraudulent traffic


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    A new integration between Forensiq and performance marketing solution Affise is to improve the quality of mobile inventory. Affise will analyse traffic in real time and detect fraudulent publishers as early as the first few conversions. Forensiq are supplying the tools to detect bots and fraud.

    Affise-founder Dmitrii Zotov explains Affise’s proactive initiative: “Partnering with Forensiq provides our customers with deeper insights and transparency into fraudulent pockets of supply. The ease with which our clients are now able to eliminate these sources gives us confidence and they are now spending less time checking quality and analysing traffic, whilst providing their partners and clients with the results they need.”

    “With more than a third of mobile programmatic traffic at risk of fraud, it is crucial that companies equip themselves and their advertisers to actively mitigate these risks”, adds Mark Wrighton, VP EMEA, Forensiq. “We have been working with Affise to integrate Forensiq into their UI to score conversions and enable their partners to successfully protect themselves from paying for fraudulent conversions.”