Five things we learned from Christmas trading

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With Christmas now all but a memory, the New Year provides us with the opportunity to look back at Affiliate Window’s publisher and advertiser performance over the festive period. By analysing our data before and after the extended Black Friday weekend, we can see what trends and themes are driving performance within the affiliate channel.

If you’re specifically interested in finding out about Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the network you can also read our Ten Cyber Weekend Trends whitepaper.

1. ‘Black Fiveday’ impacts the distribution of sales

Much was made of ‘Black Fiveday’, that is the stretching of the four day extended Black Friday weekend by an additional day, as more and more advertisers started Black Friday discounting early.

Such was the push by major advertisers like Currys and Tesco that there was a feeling that Black Friday trading could be impacted. However, despite these attempts at early land grab, Black Friday remained king. But what impact did this have on the rest of the peak trading period?

The following charts plot the share of revenue generated for our advertisers across November and December for both 2015 and 2016.

Given Black Friday and Cyber Monday are movable events and occur on different days from year to year, we have shifted 2015 data by two days to compare Black Friday and Cyber Monday on a like-for-like basis.

The data has been aggregated for the total period and each day’s total given a percentage share. By doing so it’s easy

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