Performance Marketing Review: Scott Brinker's Big 2017 Prediction

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We hope everyone had a nice MLK Jr. holiday weekend! We’re starting this week’s roundup of online and partner marketing news with an op-ed on AdAge by Chief Marketing Technologist Scott Brinker that caught our attention. His big prediction for marketing in 2017? Things will change. If this sounds a bit glib, read on to understand his pithy prediction as you look forward to what’s ahead this year and beyond…

The Only Marketing Prediction You Need for 2017

Technology is changing at an exponential rate, and with it, so are competitive dynamics and customer expectations. We may think we know where something is headed. But the exact trajectory it will take, and how it will apply to our particular business over the next 12 months, is hard to predict. Trying to win in this environment of accelerating change by guessing what’s next is risky business. Brinker contends a much more reliable strategy is, above everything else, to develop your organization’s general ability to adapt. Across the golden triangle of people, process, and technology, he shares his tips on how.

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