Why Successful Influencers Go With Evergreen

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How Top Influencers Stay at the Top With Google!

Want to know how certain influencers stick around and continuously grow their traffic. I brought in Adam Riemer of Adam Riemer Marketing to share his SEO knowledge for this guest blog post.

Sponsorships are awesome, you get a quick sum of money and cover a bill.  If they allow you to use affiliate links, then you may earn a couple of commissions too.  Bonus!  But then your revenue is done and you have to wait or hope for the next.  That’s why many influencers fail.

It only takes an algorithm update, a network change or something out of your control and your entire income is gone.  But don’t worry, the strategy below will help you to do three things.

  1. Create evergreen content
  2. Build an evergrowing audience
  3. Develop a passive stream of reliable revenue

The first step when creating evergreen content is to think about the use of a product.  A lot of times you’ll get a piece of clothing or makeup and style yourself with it.  You talk about the line and the brand and show how cool it is.  That’s a one off that leaves you without money.  The same could be said for powertools, cooking utensils or even a mattress or couch.

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