Wrapping Up Affiliate Summit West 2017

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Now that I’ve been home for a day, I am pulling together and processing all that happened at Affiliate Summit West. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t really looking forward to going–mainly for personal reasons. I was having a hard time getting motivated to go but knew that once I got there, I would be happy I was there.

I spent a lot of my time there representing in my capacity as Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association and less time as blogger and owner of Sunshine Rewards. That made the trip a little different in that I didn’t schedule as many meetings. Nonetheless, I still came away with new business! Here were some of the highlights of the trip for me:

The PMA Brunch was terrific! We had a wonderful turnout of old members, new members, and even prospective members. Agencies, merchants, affiliates, networks, and others all mingled together to kick off the conference in familiar, energetic way. I have to thank Rachel Guillot for all of the work she did pulling it together for us! The Meet Market was kind of a blur to me. I’m not even sure how I managed to pass so much time in there without visiting most of the booths. We had a nice spot at the back and it was encouraging to have PMA members seek out their stickers because they wanted to show off their membership. Over 20 members volunteered at some point throughout the day to help us

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