Gymshark: Getting to know the fastest growing online apparel brand

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Founded in 2012 by two students at university, Gymshark is an online sports apparel and accessories brand which is growing at rapid speed. We speak to Gymshark’s Affiliate Marketing Executive, Elliot Myers to find out how a brand so dominant on social media is making a name in the affiliate channel.

What’s the story behind how Gymshark became one of the fastest growing online apparel brands last year?

Gymshark is the customers friend. Our founder believes that mainstream brands with their superstar endorsements are out of reach for the normal person on the street. Gymshark began endorsing low profile, relatable people and from this built a community rather than a customer base.

Data shows that the majority of people buying from us are fans. They engage with us on social media, go to expos we attend and most of all they share the same values as us. Gymshark isn’t a typical commercially driven business, our advantage is not in production margins and those types of things, it’s in community and our ‘part of the family’ approach to customer engagement.

With social media your original channel for driving sales, how does the affiliate channel fit into your 2017 overall marketing strategy?

We have a unique social background and approach to customer engagement, which has meant that our affiliate presence is being done differently to other retailers. Our strong social presence has meant that Gymshark had a small army of influencers and content publishers endorsing the brand prior to the

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