Performance Marketing Review: Marketing Data, Metrics, and KPIs

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There’s no doubt that marketing has become more data and metrics-oriented over time. While “affiliate marketing” has evolved into partner marketing, performance is still the bedrock of the new kinds of traditional and non-traditional relationships that advertisers are forging with both online and offline marketing partners.

In today’s roundup of online and partner marketing news and opinion, we look at some interesting recent posts that touch on marketing data, metrics and KPIs. 

App Success Is Shifting From Downloads To Engagement

The app market is all about is lifetime value, engagement and reengagement, because that’s when the monetization happens. As reported by AdExchanger, a year-end analysis released by App Annie earlier this month found that time spent in apps was up by 25%, and that in 2016, publishers made more than $35 billion across the App Store and Google Play – a 40% yearly uptick. China and India drove most of that growth. And there’s little to indicate that global growth will slacken, at least for the moment. But not all engagement is created equal, says Charles Manning, CEO of mobile attribution company Kochava, and the metrics necessary to track engagement are nuanced. Read the full piece here.

Metrics and KPIs Used Most to Measure Marketing Performance

Which metrics and KPIs are most often reported to CMOs and other top marketers? Do high-performing brands pay closer attention to certain types of metrics or KPIs? To find out, Allocadia surveyed 200 people who work for companies with $20 million to $2.5 billion in annual revenue.

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