How Influence Can Drive Results – 6 Key Takeaways

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31 Jan How Influence Can Drive Results – 6 Key Takeaways

Here are some of my key takeaways and insights from recently attending How Influence Can Drive Results at Brainstation in Vancouver:

The Brands – Key Takeaways

Tech companies Assembly and Social Nature presented two influencer marketing tools to an audience of agencies, brands, and influencers. Each presentation showcasing insightful influencer marketing stats, concerns, product info, and case studies. The audience was very engaged throughout and for the most part asked some very informed questions.

Assembly is essentially a tracking platform where marketers can build out and nurture influencer marketing campaigns and relationships. Automated payments, advanced reporting, and cross-channel attribution are just a few of the functions available to users of this platform. However, they do not have an existing network of influencers to recruit from; clients are encouraged to take care of this themselves. The reporting presented for the case studies was certainly impressive, in particular with the level of trackable data. I would also note that the Assembly team did have a strong background in affiliate marketing which was interesting to hear about and could certainly benefit OPM’s looking to optimize with them.

On the other hand, Social Nature was a very different tool, available only to those with products in the natural/organic space. My first thoughts were that this could be an excellent introduction to influencer marketing. This turnkey solution offers instance access to over 200,000 micro-influencers: an influencer with 1k followers or less. Since micro-influencers are a

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