IAB’s Performance Affiliate Conference | Show Insights

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IAB’s Performance Affiliate Conference | Show Insights Posted on Feb 9 by Grace Johns in Blog

On Wednesday 25th January the IAB UK held their first Performance Affiliate Conference at The British Museum. The event attracted representatives from brands, affiliates, networks and publishers. The goal of the Conference was to highlight the importance of the Affiliate Channel in the Digital Marketing world, a model that drives £17.7billion worth of UK Sales. Furthermore, The Performance Conference strived to answer the question: “how can brands make this discipline [Affiliate] work within, rather than on the edge of their business strategy?”

Affiliate Networks have mastered this discipline for many years since its inception in 1994. Now with the potential for mass revenue growth it is time for the brands to sit up and take notice of the successes of internet retailers as it pertains to the Affiliate channel.

To start the conference off, CAKE’s President, Santi Perini participated in a panel session which included panellists from the following companies:

Kevin Edwards, Global Strategy Director, Affiliate Window Helen Southgate, Managing Director, Affilinet Pete Newman, Commercial Director, Optimise Media Sean Sewell, Co-founder and Vice President of Revenue EMEA, Performance Horizon

Throughout the panel, there were a few key themes discussed which included:

Trust and risk

Companies new to the affiliate marketing sphere are worried about the unknown. Affiliate marketing is not an area they have invested time or money into before so taking the first steps can bring about fear. Therefore, it was suggested

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