Empower Your Affiliate Influencers

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Eighty-one percent of U.S. merchants surveyed in a 2016 Forrester report have turned to affiliate marketing in search of differentiated marketing content or new opportunities for driving ad revenue to their sites. Couple this with nearly half of marketers in the U.S. that plan to ramp up budget for influencer-focused campaigns in 2017 (eMarketer) and you will see a key commonality between two seemingly unrelated statistics: a strong need for brands to break through digital marketing barriers, such as channel saturation and device overload, to effectively reach their target audience.

Influencer Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

To put it simply, influencer marketing uses the unique ability of authority figures and tastemakers to spread a brand’s marketing message to its target market and, through their powerful influence, enable that message to take root. Brands that wish to be successful in breaking through the growing digital marketing barriers, and reward their brand ambassadors beyond a one-time payment, need to understand how to integrate their influencer marketing campaigns into the pay-for-performance, affiliate marketing model.

The following LinkConnector technologies complement the needs of influencer marketing campaigns by simplifying the affiliate partner component (e.g., eliminating the need for influencers to mess with affiliate tracking links) and introducing the opportunity to significantly increase a brand’s return on ad spend.

Cross Platform Tracking

LinkConnector is one of only two networks that offers Cross Device and Cross Platform Tracking (CPT). To give you an example of what CPT entails, LC can track an individual who clicked an affiliate link

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