Who Won the Paid Search Super Bowl?

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Advertisers spent an average of $5 million to secure a 30-second commercial slot during Super Bowl LI, up from from an estimated $4.8 million in 2016. Given that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year, competition is fierce and the pressure on advertisers to get the most bang for their buck is enormous.

In the past, good Super Bowl marketing meant producing a visually captivating and creative ad. Today, however, that is not enough. Now brands need to run a full-fledged marketing blitz. The TV commercial needs digital marketing support in the form of online content, paid search ads, and social campaigns to tease the audience in the days leading up to the big event, maximize engagement during the game, and keep the buzz going for days after. As part of that buzz creation, advertisers spend an additional 25% or more of the cost of their commercial slot on promoting the ad.

With over 100 million pairs of eyeballs watching the commercials and many more fingertips scrolling over and clicking on paid search campaigns, the Super Bowl offers search teams the opportunity to launch complicated and integrated campaigns utilizing all the tricks of the trade.

Playing Monday morning quarterback on advertisers’ paid search campaigns, while fun for search experts, also makes good sense since a lot can be learned from the experiments these brands tried.

So, who were the winners of Super Bowl LI on the paid search front?

Every year, we set up some

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