Pouch: Presenting top voucher codes and a seamless shopping experience

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Designed to save consumers time, money and hassle when shopping around for voucher codes, Pouch is a platform which will do the hard work for you. We Speak to Ben Corrigan, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Pouch to find out more.

Pouch is a free browser application to present users with the best voucher code available, what was the need behind launching this tool?

As a consumer, it is simply too hard and frustrating to find and redeem valid voucher codes when shopping online. The whole experience is very fractured. For retailers, Pouch satisfies several needs. Retailers spend millions of pounds driving users to their websites, and millions more optimizing those sites for conversions, yet 75 per cent of users abandon the checkout page. One of the most common causes of this is due to users leaving to search for voucher codes. Thanks to Pouch, retailers no longer need to rescind control of their user journey; the user stays on the website and enjoys a seamless experience, while retailers see a direct increase in sales.

How does the Pouch platform work with voucher code sites and advertisers?

Pouch does not currently work in collaboration with voucher code websites. In fact, once a user downloads Pouch, they should hopefully have very little reason to visit another voucher code website again. We currently access our voucher codes through Network APIs and exclusive offers negotiated with the advertiser.

As a browser extension/plug-in, we have uniquely extensive access to anonymised user

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