Turn Content into Commerce with Monotote and Affiliate Window

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Affiliate Window have launched their latest partnership with e-commerce technology solution, monotote.com.

As a network dedicated to showcasing the latest technology, Affiliate Window are excited to announce the launch of their new partnership with Monotote, an e-commerce technology solution that turns images and video into shoppable products on owned domains.

This solution enables publishers to monetise images on their site, rather than images shared through social media.

What do Monotote do?

Monotote transforms inspirational images and video on your site into shoppable moments, giving audiences the power to shop at the ‘point of inspiration’ within their favourite website or app. By removing distracting redirections, Monotote eliminates the gap between inspiration and purchase, allowing for a seamless shopping experience.

For advertisers, Monotote opens new revenue paths and grows brand value through contextual commerce. For publishers, it allows them to deepen audience connection with their great content and grow loyalty as well as revenue. Monotote has a proven record of increasing conversion and driving greater sales.

“There is now a great opportunity for millions of consumers to be able to buy products when they are most excited by brilliant content – to purchase at the point of inspiration” comments Mike Van Geldorp, CEO Monotote.

Monotote works by tagging images with buy buttons that are linked to a secure and always up-to-date Universal Shopping Cart. Orders are processed onsite through Monotote’s plugin, however, the retailer remains the merchant of record and retains control of the customer experience. You can

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