Merchants- AvantExpo Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon!

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Early Bird Pricing Ends March 1

AvantExpo early bird pricing is ending on March 1 for merchants and agencies. That means you have just five more full days to take advantage of prices discounted by 20% to attend the affiliate industry’s most anticipated networking event of 2017.

Don’t miss out on the three levels of all-inclusive sponsor attendance packages while the early bird pricing is still here. Each package includes networking suites at the event venue, registration costs, meals, drinks, activities and more!

Event-level attendance package: $2,400 ($2,995 after early bird) Gold-level attendance package: $3,995 ($4,995 after early bird) Platinum-level attendance package: $7,995 ($9,995 after early bird) OK, Sell Me On Attending

Gladly, and in just four short points:

If you agree that the best business relationships can only be built in state-of-the-art buildings probably owned by the latest James Bond villain at the top of a mountain, AvantExpo is for you. If you feel like face-to-face time with the most influential and high-impact affiliates, merchants and agencies in the affiliate industry is valuable to helping your ROI and growth, AvantExpo is for you. If you agree that attending a conference designed to get new business plans and strategies finalized in person at the event instead of defaulting back to long email and phone conversations, then AvantExpo is for you. If you would rather network and create new relationships in a very memorable, unique environment that defies the typical big-city setting (but is still only 25 minutes from the airport), then AvantExpo is

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