Performance Horizon Hosts First US Client Roundtable

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Community is one of the most important and misused terms in digital. As humans, we are innately geared to seek out and become part of genuine communities. These associations help us learn and grow. But so much of what is called “community” in digital is really just about using social media to deliver corporate messages.

At Performance Horizon, we want to play a catalytic role in fostering genuine partner marketing communities in key cities around the world. To help us fulfill this mission, we spend a great deal of time and money creating in-person events where partner marketers of all stripes can come together and learn from one another.

One of the most popular formats for such discussions is what we call a Client Roundtable. Client Roundtables bring together thought-leading partner marketers from both within and beyond our client base to:

Talk about the issues they face Share ideas about “what works” in this dynamic space

A subtitle for these events might be By Brands, For Brands because the agenda and discussion are ultimately driven by the marketer participants rather than Performance Horizon.

We first launched Client Roundtables in London, where they were received so positively that we have now taken the format around the world. We have recently held our first such meeting in the United States. While the specifics of individual opinions and discussions are always kept confidential, we do provide some insights into some of the key topics of conversation here on this blog.

With that

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