Publisher Perspective: 55Haitao

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We work with some of the most successful and influential publishers in affiliate. Our Publisher Perspective series sets out to learn from the best of the best and pick up a few secrets to their success along the way.

In this installment, we sit down with the Director of Strategic Partnerships at 55Haitao, Cuyler Moon.


Share a little about your company.

Cuyler: 55Haitao is a loyalty site that focuses on cross-border shopping in the Chinese market. Our users are based in China, and are interested in buying popular foreign brands at great prices from overseas and sending them back to China.

Please describe a typical day in your office.

Cuyler: In our Pasadena, CA office, account managers work with advertisers and colleagues from across the world all day, UK/Europe first thing in the morning, the East Coast until the afternoon, the West Coast until the end of the work day and then finally China. We have conference calls with our colleagues based in our Shanghai HQ almost every evening at 6:30pm, to go over wins for the day and coordinate on upcoming exposure and promotions.

What types of programs is your team looking to partner with on Pepperjam Network?

Cuyler: Our strongest verticals are beauty, health, fashion and outdoor. We are always looking to add more advertisers from these verticals to provide great choice to our users.

What would you say your company’s spirit animal is and why? 

Cuyler: A wolf! Our CEO often compares our team members to wolves due

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