70+ Personal Stories on How to Make Serious Money Online!

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When it comes to making money online, we all have our own story on how we first got started. For myself, it was actually back in the mid-90s in the AOL Web Diner Chat Room. I was making 46×860 graphic banners for people and their websites, and they would then send me a dollar in the mail! Keep in mind, this was way before anything like PayPal was around. After that, I found myself in the world of affiliate marketing, and that’s when things really started to scale quickly!

Now that you know my story, it’s time for you to read about how others got their start with making money online as well. Be sure to read through each of the blogger, business owner, and entrepreneur stories below to see which you relate to most!

When did you first realize you could start making ‘real money’ online, and with what method?

I started as a content writer in 2013, Then move on to learning about search engine optimization (SEO) while having writing gigs on the side. Launch my own blog in late 2013 to share tactics and strategies that I’ve learned and continuously tested over time in SEO. Potential clients are coming in as they began to notice my content assets – this is where I started servicing SEO to clients as a freelancer. Four years have passed, I run my own link building (SEO) company with 15 staff members servicing 20+ international clients all over the world.

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