Mobile is the ecosystem: All marketing channels by degree of mobility

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Mobile’s not a channel. We know that. It’s an ecosystem within which all the digital channels increasingly live.

But increasingly, mobile is influencing non-digital channels as well. That’s because mobile is the three-foot PC … the laptop that never leaves our side … the supercomputer in our pockets.

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So what’s that look like?

In other words, how mobile are the traditional marketing channels? Here’s one way of looking at it:

Some are obvious, of course. And some are controversial

Pure mobile marketing channels

App store optimization, or ASO, is about as mobile-centric as you can get.

SMS might have some tendrils on the desktop, thanks to iCloud integration in the Apple ecosystem and Android apps that do similar things for Google’s ecosystem, but it’s 99% mobile.

And apps, of course, are pure mobile: born and raised.

Mostly mobile marketing channels

Many of the most important marketing channels are not explicitly mobile, but have come to be mobile.

For example, email has been mostly mobile since 2014, and the web crossed over in 2016.

Trailing the rise of apps by perhaps one to three years, almost all media became mostly mobile as well. That includes social media, news, and streaming media … especially music. Video hit its mobile tipping point in 2016, with more than half being consumed on mobile, and all the major

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