3 Trends for Digital Marketers in 2018

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The world of digital marketing is more global than ever. Affiliates and publishers can grow their business to incredible new heights by reaching more international brands. Advertisers, in turn, are able to reach a massive new customer base by gaining access to localized channels. Of course, this global opportunity also brings a number of challenges. Those who can identify new markets for growth and anticipate hurdles will be the new stars in the modern realm of digital marketers.


Here are three important trends to watch out for in 2018: 1. A borderless industry

In 2018 and the coming years, the digital marketing industry will follow the trend of globalization we see across the business world. As the eCommerce boom continues to make consumers more comfortable buying internationally, marketers are also expanding across borders. Global affiliates will keep expanding their social media marketing to include more localized platforms, and connect to consumers outside of their domestic market.


2. Growth in China

For the international affiliate, few regions are more promising than China. China has long been known to be a leader in eCommerce, but its strength was previously tied to manufacturing and production. Today, Chinese consumers have more disposable income than ever, and an increase appetite for Western brands. In fact, eMarketer reported that the average annual eCommerce spend per buyer in China was up 14% from 2014 to 2015. As a result, advertisers are flocking to get their products in front

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