Five Ways PartnerCentric Ensures Compliance and Prevents Fraud

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Anyone who is new to affiliate marketing or even someone who already has an existing program typically has concerns about compliance. “How do I know that the affiliates I work with will value our partnership?” is a question I receive a lot from prospects and I completely understand the concern. The internet can be a scary place and when you trust your brand with an agency, you want to be sure they have the expertise to vet and recommend the best relationships for success.

At PartnerCentric, we have a dedicated in-house compliance team that works proactively to ensure our clients’ brands are protected and affiliates are above board with all practices. We have a unique advantage by being network-agnostic because we work across 17 different affiliate tracking solutions (networks and platforms) and many different verticals.This has allowed us to develop and implement industry best practices for compliance, and gain the know-how to employ them across a variety of scenarios. Because of this, we are able to use both manpower and technology to defend our clients from the constantly evolving tactics used by dishonorable publishers. In addition, we are regularly editing and improving our methods to prevent the next threat by taking a proactive and multi-layered approach to program monitoring. Due to the expertise gleaned by working with so many different verticals and industries, we know the various compliance challenges and nuances of each and clearly understand the technologies that work best for different industries. Below are just five ways

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