Shopify Workshop for Women at SheCommerce Asia the First of It’s Kind

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Working from Bangkok, Thailand, last month, I got to attend and speak at Affiliate World Asia about International Affiliate Growth Trends going into 2018. As a pre-conference workshop, SheCommerce (created by Shopify and Women in AdTech), celebrated a day where female ecommerce leaders and entrepreneurs could set up, create and design their first ever ecommerce store. The room was a fabulous mix of successful affiliates and new to market female powerhouses learning and driving business growth together.


The content from the day focused on the strategy, scalability and fulfillment of business tasks, such as distribution drop shipped products,

Physical owned products White labeled products Digital goods Tickets Time Charity Rental products Experiences (such as travel or entertainment related products)

Shopify worked to inspire women to:

Create a business that matters Earn money from a side hustle or launch their first full time business Monetize their passions Be their own boss Become industry leaders

We learned what the biggest challenges that business owners / ecommerce leaders face?

New business owners report that their biggest challenge is advertising, marketing and reach. Driving traffic Acquiring new customers Leveraging their social channels/followers to drive sales

If you’d like to learn more about about how to set up your first ecommerce site, or learn how to drive more traffic to your existing Shopify or ecommerce store, you can click here.

One example of a female entrepreneur (and speaker) was Anindya Lestari (@anindyalestari), who launched her Shopify store two years ago at 19 years old,

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