PartnerCentric Beyond Borders: Non-traditional Partnerships

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At PartnerCentric, our core purpose is “building meaningful relationships without borders.” We have always kept an eye on the future of our space and have pushed ourselves to innovate. Part of this process involves thinking of our abilities “beyond borders.”  

So what does this mean? Traditionally, when you think about the affiliate channel, you think of coupon and loyalty. But there are so many other new and innovative ways to increase brand awareness, build a following and generate sales that still fall under the “paying for performance” umbrella. Below are just three examples of “non-traditional” partnerships we have successfully recruited and employed for our clients to help them stay ahead of the curve and see faster ROI.

Case #1: Card-linked partner relationship drive huge in-store revenue for a top retail client

Dosh is a cashback app that allows you to connect your credit and debit cards, use them where offers are available and get cash back automatically. We drove online traffic in-store via promotions in Dosh’s app for this top retailer to see great results. Since their start with our brand in August 2017, Dosh has driven $334K in in-store revenue for them.

Because this retailer has a large online and in-store presence, they are always interested in driving more in-store conversions which proved to be difficult in 2017 due to the addition of an email submission on their omni promos run by a personalized digital promotions solution. Card-linked partners do NOT promote these offers since their customers

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