Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Site

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Performance marketing is all about building relationships and increasing brand awareness. Affiliates work very hard to get their followers interested in a brand and get them excited to shop. While your brand and products are worth all the effort, a good site is key on converting those visitors. Here are some essential marketing tips to keep your site fresh.   1.    User Experience   From start to finish, your customer’s journey should be seamless and interesting. Keep each page of your site engaging, easy-to-use, and unified. Any sign of struggle, whether it be random looking pages or hard-to-navigate categories, can make a visitor bounce quickly. Even plain pages can make a visitor feel uneasy to shop if they’re unfamiliar with the brand. Build trust and get them excited with appealing visuals and always keep important information, like your contact and security info, out in the open.   Additional to the…

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