Exclusive Interview with AM Days’ Geno Prussakov

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Location, Location and the Future of Performance Marketing Next month, we’re attending the very popular annual AM Days conference in Vegas. For those of you who are serious about performance-based affiliate marketing and appreciate the value of quality networking, make sure you add this one to your calendar. With the 2018 conference only a month away, we caught up with AM Days Founder, Geno Prussakov to bring you this exclusive interview.   As the Founder and Chair of AM Days conference how have you seen the industry change over the past 10 times of running your conference? Geno Prussakov: Thank you for highlighting that magic number 10! It is hard to believe how fast time flies, but it does… and the upcoming AM Days, on May 16-17 2018, will indeed be our landmark 10th conference. When Ben Edelman of Harvard Business School keynoted the very first AM Days in 2012, his insights into affiliate marketing fraud…

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