AIM Spotlight: Meet Jason Lilien

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Stepping into the AIM Spotlight this month, is Jason Lilien, one of our Account Directors and an expert in Global Customer Acquisition.   Jason holds a Master Degree in International Studies from a top Argentine University, and brings nearly 15 years of multi-channel marketing experience to the team. He was previously the Marketing Director for Blurb where he was focused on helping to drive customer acquisition and growth through digital marketing and global expansion programs. Prior to that, Jason worked with companies such as TravelSmith (HSN) and Marriott, where he oversaw a variety of online marketing, catalogue, offline and other brand building and acquisition programs. As an analytically-driven and results based marketer, Jason is highly focused on utilizing data to test, measure and understand more complex performance questions such as channel attribution. He is passionate about helping clients to build international audiences. We had a little chat with Jason to…

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