Exclusive Interview with Mirella Crespi, Founder of Women in AdTech and SheCommerce

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The performance marketing industry is ever-changing and one of the most exciting things about change is the new and diverse opportunities it creates. During the 2017 Affiliate World Asia Conference, we had the privilege to attend the first SheCommerce Event created by Women in AdTech in partnership with Shopify. For this month’s exclusive interview we have the pleasure of talking to Mirella Crespi, Founder of Women in AdTech and SheCommerce. Mirella spotted an opportunity to greatly advance the industry and make a positive difference by helping female ecommerce leaders and entrepreneurs driving business growth.   Tell us about the SheCommerce show and the Women in AdTech community and why you decided to start these? Women in AdTech was born first. At age of 21, I started media buying and discovered the world of performance marketing. In this industry knowledge sharing and networking is a huge part of being successful, so attending…

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