Google Search Console Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to GSC

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Google Search Console or GSC – the rebranded tool still familiar to old souls in the marketing community as Google Webmaster Tools – is a pretty versatile piece of marketing software. While SEOs tend to be familiar with it, most marketers, conversion specialists, and web site designers stand to gain something from understanding the basics.

At its core, GSC is a tool that …

allows marketers to see what terms people use to get to the website, and provides an avenue to tell Google about how to crawl the site best. Activating Google Search Console

There are 5 ways to activate Google Search Console.

You can verify by signing into your domain name provider, or by using one of the 4 items below:

1. Google Analytics (GA)

If you also manage the Google Analytics account, and you use the asynchronous tracking code, you can use GA to verify that you own the GSC presence for the site.

2. HTML file upload

You can download a file from GSC, place that file on the root of the site, and get Google to check that the file has been placed to verify ownership.

3. HTML tag

You can add a small script on your <head> tag and let Google check that it exists, and you can verify ownership that way.

4. Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If you also manage GTM and use the container snippet, you can use that to verify ownership of GSC.

As soon as GSC verifies that you own the

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