Meet Oliver Roup – A Speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2018

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We caught up with Oliver in the lead up to Affiliate Summit East. Oliver will be speaking about ‘Capturing publisher revenue with diversified ad strategies’. Catch his session on July 29 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. 

As Founder and CEO of VigLink, Oliver Roup understands the power of native monetization like few others, and is passionate about powering content-driven commerce for companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Reuters, Bonnier, Rodale and more.

1) What will you focus on in your session?
The type of publisher focused on affiliate is broadening to include larger, more mainstream publishers. This panel brings together a publisher, an advertiser and two monetization providers to discuss the implications and what it means for all affiliates.

2) Why do you think your session is important for delegates to attend?
The lessons of large publishers like Purch and advertisers like eBay are useful to everyone and forcing changes throughout the industry.

3) How is your topic relevant to our industry?
The discussion is on affiliate commerce at a large publisher and includes reps from eBay, VigLink and Wikibuy.

4) What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?
A focus on genuinely insightful content rather than trying to game SEO.

5) Why choose this event as your platform to voice your findings?
Affiliate Summit is the premiere gathering of affiliate marketers everywhere!

6) How do you plan on maximizing your time at the event?
I mine the attendee list ahead of time and make a list of who I want

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