Meet Eric Nagel – A Speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2018

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We caught up with Eric in the lead up to Affiliate Summit East. Erics session is titled ‘Treat Your Blog Like A Real Business’ and is on July 30 from 2pm – 2:30pm.

Eric has designed and executed SEO, PPC, social media and affiliate marketing strategies for his clients and his own affiliate sites. He has been recognized as a top performer in several programs and won the Best Blogger Pinnacle Award in 2011. Eric now leads a team of developers in designing innovative solutions for performance marketing professionals as FMTC’s CTO.

1) What will you focus on in your session?
My session will focus on that transition from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a business. This includes setting up your business entity to keeping a clean set of books to hiring (and firing) employees and contractors and working with advertisers.

2) Why do you think your session is important for delegates to attend?
So many bloggers transition from hobbyist to professional blogger without giving it the careful consideration it requires. Get it right the first time and you won’t have to go back and fix it later (sometimes after paying penalties!).

3) How is your topic relevant to our industry?
Every day more bloggers are realizing they can make money from their blogs (including through affiliate marketing).

4) What is the one thing you hope delegates get out of your session?
I hope all publishers who attend my session get at least 1 action item that they can go home and

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