DON’T Go to Affiliate Summit East 2018

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Dear Digital Marketer,

Please be advised — if you’re looking for the following, do not register for Affiliate Summit East 2018

Small Crowd?
I’m afraid not. There will be several thousand attendees at Affiliate Summit East 2018. That’s a lot of conversations you can have with people who may be a future partner, vendor, mentor, etc.

The good thing is that there are a variety of ways to filter the crowd to find the right people for you. You can make a big event smaller by taking a strategic approach, but if an event is smaller, there isn’t really a way to multiply the opportunities.

Take a look at our Newcomer Program to have a conference veteran assigned to help you around the conference. Also, you can start networking now by joining our networking community, installing the conference app, and joining the group on Facebook

Travel to Remote Locations?
Not so far. We poll attendees on which cities they’d like Affiliate Summit to be in. Over the past decade, the people have chosen New York City most years for Affiliate Summit East (also Boston, Miami, Orlando, and Philadelphia).

Attendees at Affiliate Summit are a broad sample of people coming from six continents and dozens of countries who enjoy this world-class city and the large volume of nonstop flights into the three area international airports.

Buy Courses from Gurus?
Um, no. The only thing you need to buy from Affiliate Summit is a pass. After that, you should only

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