4 Ways to Get Customers to Add More to their Shopping Carts

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This post was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated to reflect the state of websites in 2018.

In many ways, just getting more people to your e-commerce site already represents some small wins. Just getting more visitors over time means your SEO program is chugging along, your referrals are holding steady, and your content is delivering on the acquisitions front.

Because just getting the right number, and the right type, of visitors is already a challenge, you need to …

present customers with what they set out to find, present them with related products that complement those primary items, and maximize how they use your cart.

Here are a few ideas that can help you do that:

1. Show related products

Personalization is all the rage, and one of the core uses of that technology, “You might also be interested in … “ is not a novel play. There’s a good reason for that – assuming you have the data and the technology savvy to make it work the right way, showing related products can provide huge lifts. To get it right, though, you need to test pretty thoroughly.

Experiment with placement. The related items can show up in the areas below:

Product page Cart-add confirmation popup Fixed cart-add confirmation page Cart During checkout

Aside from making recommendations on the product detail page, Target cross-sells too on the added to cart confirmation popup.

You’d do well not to rely on automation completely. Watch out for poor cross-sell

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