2018 Mid-Year Performance Marketing Trends

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At TUNE, we’ve always said that all marketing should be measured on performance. And 2018 may just be the year that the entire industry agrees. We recently partnered with Acceleration Partners to survey nearly 2,300 performance marketers in the U.S. and U.K. who manage a combined $16.6 billion in annual sales. In this article, we’ll address key findings from the report to understand important trends in performance marketing this year.

Growth Rate Not Slowing Down

One of the most notable trends is the fast clip at which performance marketing continues to grow. With fairly mature industries, you rarely see compound annual growth rates of 10% each year, but that’s exactly what Forrester predicts for performance marketing through 2020 at least.

Brand and Enterprise Budget Moving to Performance

Along with that growth comes major moolah being allocated to it. In our survey, an average of 62% of brand and enterprise marketing budget was moving toward performance marketing. In fact, 128 of the 2,300 people we surveyed said a full 100% of brand and enterprise marketing budget was going straight to performance in 2018.

Performance Marketers More Ubiquitous Than Ever

Whereas years ago affiliate marketing could’ve been associated with click-bait ads, performance marketing is now just as mainstream as brand marketing itself. In 2018, we’re seeing performance marketers in all corners of the marketing ecosystem. The majority (31%) work for marketing platforms, followed by agencies and brands (both 25%) and ad networks (16%).

Social and Mobile

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