What is affiliate marketing?

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Want to find out more about how affiliate marketing works or are looking to grow your business online unsure how to begin?

Our network guide on ‘What is affiliate marketing?’ is designed to simplify it all. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Maybe you’ve heard the term but still ask yourself “What exactly is affiliate marketing?”

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing channel in which a publisher is awarded for sales they generate for an advertiser. Publishers, also known as affiliates or partners, are the people that promote a product or service on their website or social media accounts for their readers. Merchants, sometimes also referred to as advertisers or brands, is the term used for the person or company that has the product to sell. The third party in the affiliate marketing triangle is the consumer, who purchases an advertiser’s product or service via a publisher’s website.

Publishers are rewarded commission when a visitor to their site clicks an affiliate link (for example: a banner, logo or text link) goes to a particular retailer’s website and performs a certain action on the brand’s site. Usually, this is completing a transaction. However some merchants ask affiliates to refer them traffic that result in a lead instead of a sale, perhaps through the completion of an online application form or the submission of the user’s email address.

For example, when looking to book a vacation you may research flight prices on the Skyscanner website. Once

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