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SPANX’s figure-enhancing creations, offered in hundreds of designs and a variety of fabrics, can be paired with nearly every ensemble for any occasion. SPANX-clad figures can be spotted around the world from red carpets to shag carpets and sidewalks to catwalks, alike! With the right mix of brains, creativity, and humor, SPANX founder, Sara Blakely, has been successful in making powerful panties part of pop culture, rapidly growing the business, and establishing SPANX as a laugh-out-loud luxury brand with faithful fans around the world.

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The core of our brand is vision: what you see, how you see it and the tools we use to enhance it. Fuse holds to a standard of quality set by years of experience and a passion for providing top of the line lenses; we are committed to providing superior quality replacement and enhancement lenses for all major brands of sunglasses. Scratch a lens? We got it! Want to change your lenses colors? We got it! Need to breathe life into your favorite discontinued pair of shades? We got it! Fuse is the name you’re looking for.

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