eCheck – a safer and more secure payment method

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Managing an affiliate program not only demands a focus on recruitment, reports, engagement, and compliance, but it also requires a look into the finer details of a program to ensure that it is up and running at all times. One of these crucial details on ShareASale is our auto-deposit function. When enabled, it helps avoid accounts going offline due to lack of funds.

One of our network’s value propositions that made us stand out was that all merchant accounts are pre-funded, meaning any generated commission had funds to back it up, so that no affiliate would be denied an earned commission. For us, it meant that when a merchant’s account ran out of funds, all links would stop working until the merchant add funds to their account.

To help our merchant partners always ensure that their accounts were fully funded, we built an auto-deposit feature. With the Auto-Deposit feature a Merchant can provide payment details so that our system automatically processes a payment whenever their balance reaches a predefined amount. The success of a merchant’s affiliate channel can be safeguarded by implementing this simple function.  While there are several auto- deposit payment options available, the safest and preferred funding option on ShareASale is eCheck.

These are some of the advantages of setting up eCheck:

  • Convenient and simple way to fund your account
  • Efficient and secure method of payment
  • Unlike other options, there is no expiration with eCheck and therefore, no changes in the information provided to us
  • Transactions do not need to be approved by different entities (banks, card processor, etc.) 


Set up eCheck today!

You can set up eCheck by first selecting My Account > Deposit Center. Within your Deposit Center, select the “Update Autodeposit Settings” button on the bottom right of your screen.


In the pop up window, then click “Setup Primary Method” and then “Pay with eCheck”


After you’ve selected “eCheck” as your updated payment method, simply fill out the necessary Billing information (Address, Account and Routing numbers), click “Finish” and your new preferred account funding option is updated.


If you have any questions or to receive individual instructions on how to update your auto-deposit, please contact our Client Success team.



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