3 Critical Strategies for Turning Your Advertising into a Profit Center

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Digital advertising has exponentially enhanced the purchasing environment. With just a few clicks, shoppers can make well-informed buying decisions without ever needing to leave the comfort of their couch. Of course, along with this convenience comes high consumer expectations—standards that once set, can never retract. These customer-driven capabilities only solidify the reality of the ecommerce landscape: we are living in the age of the consumer and retailers need to adapt to thrive and stay relevant in their audiences’ eyes.

There has never been a moment in consumer history where a brand or retailer’s presence across all touchpoints in the path to purchase was so critical. Thanks in large part to adopting a holistic approach to multi-channel campaigns, retailers can be there at every critical point in this journey. The challenge however, is the cost to be omnipresent, isn’t cheap. As a matter of fact, with the costs of doing business with Google, Amazon and Facebook on what feels like a never-ending incline, maintaining this presence is simply unsustainable over the long haul. But there are ways, strategies if you will, that can turn your digital advertising from a cost center into a profit center. Let’s explore 3 of them.      

1. Actively seek acquisition channels where there’s opportunity to create leverage.

There is an undeniable truth: the cost of acquiring high lifetime value customers at a scalable cost is increasingly difficult. High fraud rates, outrageous trading desk fees, limited data views and hard-to-decipher metrics further cloud the data deluge,

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