5 Questions Partnership Channel Owners Need to Know How to Answer

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Or…How to be powerfully prepared before you meet with your boss, board or CEO

It can be a daunting moment when an email, a text, or a Slack message comes from your boss or any C-level executive: “Can we talk? I have a question for you.” Will you be able to pull the best answer out of your back pocket right away?

As the owner of partnerships, there are some common questions you should be able to answer immediately about your channel. However, I regularly meet these channel owners across all verticals who struggle with some — or even all — of them. Fortunately, with the right tools, data and strategy, there are easy answers.

It’s time to arm yourself with the best responses to the following five basic queries. Test yourself: Are you able to answer them all?

Question #1: “Why do we have a partnership program?”
Many partnership professionals and performance marketers joined companies with existing, large marketing or partnership departments, or inherited a partnership program that someone else started. Others may be part of a startup and are launching partnerships from the ground up. Either way, company executives may not fully understand what a partnership program is and why they should care. Here’s how you can respond:

Answer: “To reach new audiences, increase conversions in other channels and drive a great return. And, in what other channel do you only pay for the final result that you want?”  

All of the above are great options

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