Expert Weigh-In: How to Stay Ahead of Digital Fraudsters

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It’s estimated that nearly $19 billion is lost to worldwide digital fraud each year. In response, ad compliance has become a necessity for marketers that want proper channel attribution and protection against ad spend theft.

In light of this trend, I recently had the opportunity to connect with Gary Kibel, partner at Davis & Gilbert LLP, specializing in the areas of Digital Media, Technology & Privacy; Intellectual Property and Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Groups. Gary shared his expert opinion on compliance monitoring in digital advertising and served up valuable takeaways for any brand interested in maintaining integrity and eliminating spend theft. Read on for Gary’s expert advice for performance marketers on brand protection.

Q: Why should brands care about compliance monitoring in their digital advertising?

Compliance monitoring is an important piece of any marketing plan because of the major risk brands run for damaging their reputation online. If a brands’ ad appears next to offensive material, illegal content or schemes that defraud consumers, the hit can be significant, especially if the brand is viewed as an enabler of such content by providing the advertising dollars. 

Brands spend a tremendous amount of time and effort developing, promoting and protecting their image, even outsourcing the initiative to PR agencies, branding agencies and others that can devote all their time to these efforts for their clients. 

Q: What are the biggest mistakes that brands make when it comes to monitoring and compliance with their digital marketing initiatives?

The biggest mistake is a

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