11 Ways to Keep Your Credit Card Marketing Program Compliant

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Compliance managers at credit card issuers, networks, and publishers have the unenviable task of keeping their programs compliant in a constantly changing space. Every time a credit card issuer changes a rate, for example, there is a risk that webpages across the ecosystem of content housed on the web, will be out-of-date. The risk for non-compliance is high and the consequences range from frustrated or misinformed customers to fines and legal action taken by regulatory agencies. Every word published—by the issuer, by a partner, by an affiliate, or even by a consumer—creates an opportunity for risk.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of 11 best practices for keeping your credit card marketing program compliant. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a good start to minimizing your risks.

1. Regularly review pages that include card offers.

Whether you keep track of all the pages that promote card offers through an Excel spreadsheet or use an automated web compliance tool like BrandVerity’s, it is a best practice to monitor and regularly review all of these pages. Regular review ensures that you catch changes to pages that might affect the card offer. In an ideal world, you are able to identify and review changes to those pages as soon as they happen. Regular review should be in addition to the reviews you do right after a rate or offer changes.

2. Audit the links used in card offers.

Identify the links that your content and your partners’

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