BuzzFeed’s Advice to Scaling Partnerships: “Stay Authentic. Lean into Data-driven Strategy”

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Recently, Impact’s Richa Dani, Director of Strategic Partnerships, sat down with BuzzFeed’s Nilla Ali, Head of Affiliate, to find out just how this remarkable media company was able to maximize its partner relationships to grow its business like few others can. Take a look at the innovative, responsive ways BuzzFeed takes a holistic view and implements data, keeping its finger on the pulse of its audiences.

Richa Dani: Digiday​ has reported on ways that affiliate and ad businesses complement each other, such as driving ad performance and more. ​How has BuzzFeed’s affiliate business affected/helped fuel/changed your ad business?

Nilla Ali: Affiliate has and continues to be complementary to our ad business, and has enabled BuzzFeed to evolve our business to better serve both our audience and advertising partners.

Advertisers are actively exploring the most efficient and effective way to get their products and value proposition in front of highly qualified prospective shoppers, and consumers are actively seeking recommendations for the best brands and products that fit their specific needs. Affiliate has enabled BuzzFeed to lean into a data-driven strategy that drives utility for our audience, while creating an ecosystem of consumers with high intent. BuzzFeed is now able to offer a full-funnel approach to advertisers, with products that drive brand awareness at scale and content that drives discoverability and high intent, which ultimately drives lower funnel conversion.

At its core, affiliate is a data-driven channel, enabling BuzzFeed to develop an overall advertising strategy that is rooted in real consumer

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